Motorola launches new T55 Mobile device

Introducing the TC55 — the pocket-sized all touch computer that has it all. It may look like part of today’s consumer smartphone family, but the similarities stop there. The TC55 is a personal touch computer, built for business. While it offers the same smartphone ergonomics and good looks that workers want, it also offers the durability your customers require to achieve an enterprise-worthy total cost of ownership (TCO). The Android operating system enables the creation of the same graphic-based highly intuitive applications the workforce is using on their consumer smartphones, while Extensions (Mx) by Motorola Solutions — a set of operating system “add-ons” — turns the standard consumer operating system (OS) into a real enterprise grade OS, with the security and manageability that enterprises require. In addition, advanced technologies take ease of use in the field to the next level. Industrial-class features — including bar code scanning —provide the advanced data capture required to maximize business process efficiency — the same features that have made Motorola a leader in enterprise-class mobility. And when it comes to voice, the TC55 advanced noise-cancelling technology, plus a speaker that is four times the audio loudness of many of today’s most popular consumer smartphones, ensures that workers and their callers hear every word on every call —even in noisy business environments.Image

The TC55. The personal touch computer built for business.


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