About TCG Store “Real knowledge, Great Pricing”



TCG is a trusted Automatic Data Collection (ADC) solution provider with over 30 years experience solving the problems of Government and Commercial users. Our store is not just another barcode shop selling at low pricing with no support.  We can match the internet reseller pricing  and still provide you with the support you may require.  Have you ever ordered anything over the web and it ship not complete because the descriptions are misleading?  For instance, if you placed an order on our website for a barcode scanner and no cable, we would not just blindly ship the scanner and say “tough luck.”   We would contact you and let you know that you might be requiring a cable to operate the device.  Other Internet-only resellers won’t do this.  In fact, their orders are more than likely not even reviewed by a human.  All our orders are reviewed–before they are shipped.  This ensures you will receive what you intended to receive and you are going to get it a timely fashion and at a great price.   In addition,  TCG applications provide fast ROI with accurate and efficient data collection via barcode, mobile and RFID technologies from varied manufacturers.   Visit our site today    www.tcgbarcode.com     We will become your barcode equipment supplier you can rely on and trust.


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