Latest VAMC BCMA Scanner

The VA depends on reliable scanners teamed with their mobile carts to assist in quality patient care.  Team with Honeywell’s new Enhanced 1902 Healthcare scanner, TCG will provide a great solution.  This new scanner will not use a red light anylonger, a white illumination light is better for PTSD patients.  Also, features an easy-to-use setup card, where the nurses can choose how the scanner will respond for a good read or scan.

This kit comes preprogrammed for plug and play setup compatibility with VA VISTA BCMA system. It’s FIPS 140-2 compliant and come with choice of warranties.

These kits are also compatible out of the box with Meditech and Epic EHR software solutions.

For more see:

EX1902HC-FV Datasheet


Red Cross uses Mobile Barcode Computers from Motorola Specimen tracking

See video link above, because without mobility, nurses and laboratory technicians must locate and check paperwork to determine what tests have been ordered, verify patient identity through a visual check of the patient wristband and then manually label the specimen. Any error in any of these steps can have disastrous results.

But when staff carries mobile devices capable of scanning bar codes, a quick scan of the specimen order, the patient wristband and the specimen label container provides a three-way check. Your staff can feel confident that, even when pushed for time, the right specimen is collected from the right patient at the right time and placed in the right container, ensuring the right results — and the right course of treatment